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1983 FJ-40 in the bone white all stock except old man lift shocks and new BF K2 mud terrain tires also new battery.
This was purchased by myself years ago but the truck grew up in Colorado Usa owned by a very wealthy dude who drove it only when he got snowed in.I never really believe the sellers words but after receiving the FJ I then believed.I did redo some of the panels as order prior to the truck coming to Canada I had purchased rear floor as well as the rear fenders.What a waste of approx 3000 man hours but can say this truck is nicer than new.I had to get it appsailed so the guy I hired and own many older Army vehicles and rated it higher then any vehicle he had appsailed in the previous 30 years.
The seats are like new stock to this truck as well even the matts show no wear from the previous 2 owner.I am the 3rd owner the guy who had before me owned a few dealerships in Tennessee USA.This was his personal Landcruiser as I talked to him prior to purchasing the mint cruiser.He did own a Toyota dealer ship in Green Grove Tennasee if I recall the location correctly
The body work was completed over 8 years ago so come be really picky as the truck is so nice it became a Trailer Queen since.
I still do not have the heart to drive it much as I live on a acreage just west of Edmonton ab. and have a block of gravel until we hit pavement.
Not really what I had when I purchased the truck as really wanted daily driver that could be used in the bush as well like all of my others I have over the last 30 years.
This one is all stock be also has factory power steering and air conditioning & electric rear windows in the rear doors which I have never seen before or since.
I am selling this truck as over all years owned I haven't put on a hundred miles as the truck is in perfect shape & do not want that first scratch I hope someone can relate to having such a clean straight original 83 FJ-40 that did get panels changed that did Not need .I still recall the owner of the body shop & him arguing not to change the rear panels.It wasn't about the 10 grand I dropped in his shop or the many hours I spent blocking and prepping the truck prior to the truck being painted only once.Or losing the entire summer having spent it inside sanding sanding every day for up to 10 hours a day.
Or removing the factory pinstriping off the truck & the owner saying left it we put some on over top.No I would not go for that but upon refection perhaps i should have listened as now it would not be mint & could be driving the cruiser down the many trails around my location here.
For the serious collector here is a chance for that perfect cruiser.Or 1 in a million??
I can recall going to Barrett Jackson's and picking apart the cruisers there as we always went as winter in our home in arizona and selling for close to 90,000.00 USA comparing them to mine back at home in Alberta.
I always kept my Landcruiser inside under a soft fitting car cover as well
Selling price is not cheap but is a bargain for what your getting serious buyers please call me & I certainly tell you the listing price.
I've have owed many last count was over 40 but never did I have on this clean & as had it for so long.
I used to install small block chevy engines as well as the odd big blocks then though on 40 inch monster mudders or others brands I cannot recall any longer as getting to that age when my memory is crap & bugs me to know end.
I do recall finally after doing be lifts on these cruisers but the steering really suffered badly unti grinding the ends of the front diff and being able to get the geometry back to factory & driving the cruiser at over 80 mph with out the unit going from one side to other having solved them problem but never did do a brake swap so I could stop fast with them huge tires on but perhaps I was a little ahead of myself back in late 70s or early 80s when I was still a young man who loved working doing what many said was not possible to do.Makes me laugh now.
I do have the doors and roof all mint but have kept them off only installing them once since redoing the paint as took it apart so much getting it ready to spray as well the front clip was off and all paint from front fenders were striped as well with no rust of any kind found as well the front signals came off like the truck was built a week prior.
Truck is in Canada but found no way to show that probably as no listing for Canada.I am in Alberta right outside of Edmonton Alberta Canada
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